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IIZUKA pilots free Case Manager software for small charities

17 January 2019

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IIZUKA is working with five local small charities or not for profit organisations to create a free version of their popular Case Manager software. Together, we are exploring how charities can maximise the effectiveness of their operations and measure and report on the impact they are having.

The pilot was launched with a workshop at IIZUKA’s offices, where the main topic of discussion was the challenge faced by small charities in managing their clients’ data and reporting outcomes to stakeholders. With limited resources, both in terms of people and money, many small charities have to prioritise service delivery, but without evidence to demonstrate their effectiveness, funding can be harder to come by.

Working with our team, the charities have now benefited from support with process mapping and, where needed, re-engineering, and are using the software to manage their caseloads.

Business Analyst Georgina Watts explains:

“We’re working with these charities to understand the journey that every client experiences through the organisation: How are they referred? What data about them is gathered? What are their support needs? What tasks are required to meet those needs? How do they know what success looks like?

Our challenge has been to translate these complex processes into a case management system that makes sense both for clients and the organisation.  Luckily, working together on a project like this has helped everyone involved – IIZUKA have gathered information on what this sector needs from a case management system and the charities have free software to help them capture, record and report their data.”

In return, the charities have been helping IIZUKA to create user guides and FAQs, based on their experiences of implementing case management in their organisations. This will help us to develop the final free version which we hope to make available for small charities in the future.

Deborah Groves, Director at The SWEET Project, said:

“SWEET have looked at ways of improving our data management processes for a number of years, however with very limited funds available this has not been possible.

Case Manager has transformed our data capture, management and reporting – it’s fabulous!”


Any current or potential customers who would like a web demo of Case Manager should call us on 0121 212 2030.