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Case Manager®

one system manages your entire client relationship

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Used by more than 15,000 case workers to generate two million cases per year. Case Manager is the leading Case Management software solution.


AdviseProvide your clients with the best possible advice, with access to all your data and a system which is easily configured to reflect the latest information and legislation.

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SupportHelp clients complete forms, access the help they need and arrange and manage appointments – even with third parties. Generate communications including email, SMS and letters automatically to provide the best possible service.

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ComplyConfigure Case Manager easily to make sure the advice and support your team gives complies with the latest legislation and guidelines. Case Manager is secure – it’s used by Government, Police and Local Authorities and complies with the highest levels of data security requirements.

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ImproveIn these times where we all need to do more for less, see your teams’ effectiveness and efficiency increase significantly and report your performance to managers, shareholders or funding bodies with our easy to use reports and dashboards.

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“Sharing data and co-ordinating services effectively across 15 organisations through one software system is unheard of in this sector but that's exactly what we've done with Case Manager – within six weeks of making the decision to implement!” Simon Fenton, Chief Executive, Birmingham Carers Club

Feature-rich tailored functionality

With a range of features included, such as fully-customisable dashboards and flexible fast reporting, Case Manager helps you to work smarter. Find out more here.

Optional modules, such as our mobile app, help your teams to work in the field and share data remotely.

Supporting customers through the coronavirus crisis

We’ve made it easier for our customers to help their clients by offering extended licences free of charge. Call the support team on 0121 212 1617 to find out more.

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