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IIZUKA updates Case Manager to collect data for Scottish Carers Census

22 January 2019

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The Scottish Government implemented the Carers Act on 1 April 2018. As part of this, it is now collecting information to monitor the implementation of the Act via the carers census.

The census will allow stakeholders to understand how the Act is affecting the lives of carers, as well as informing discussions on future funding needs.

All agencies providing assessment, Adult Carer Support Plans, Young Carer Statements, and/or services to support carers will need to complete the census. This will include: Health and Social Care partnerships, Local Authorities, NHS Boards and third sector agencies.

Following a request from one of our customers, we have configured their version of Case Manager to ensure that all the data required by the census is collected as part of their standard workflow – and that is can be easily reported via a new report type. This has involved recording additional information against their client (carer) and cared for records and creating a new action to record the relevant data.

We are now able to make this available to all customers who need to complete the census, at a small cost, to reflect the work required to update Case Manager.

If you would like to find out more, or request the update, please call us on 0121 212 2030, or email