FREE extra licences for all customers during Covid-19 crisis:

Extra support for customers during this crisis

25 March 2020

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We know that many of our customers will be experiencing a higher demand for their services at the moment, as you provide support and advice to your clients regarding income, benefits, housing,  social care or other issues.

To help you support your clients during this crisis IIZUKA have decided to remove the limit on the number of Case Manager users within each organisation. So, for example, if your contract is for 50 users, but you have drafted in extra staff to manage the increased caseload, you will be able to temporarily increase your Licence to cover these employees too, at no extra cost.

If this sounds like something that would help your organisation out, please contact our support team on 0121 212 1617.

We hope that this will help you a little during this difficult time – and that you are all keeping healthy and safe.

To find out more about Case Manager, call us on 0121 212 2030.