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Keep the customer satisfied…

7 January 2020

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As Simon and Garfunkel sang, we’re all trying to ‘keep the customer satisfied’. (I’ll bet you’re singing that now, well, if you’re as old as I am you will be!)

Here at IIZUKA, we know that our service doesn’t end when customers implement our Case Manager system, in fact, it’s only just starting.

Many of our customers have been using Case Manager for ten years or more. During that time, staff change and sometimes knowledge exits the organisation. We track the requests that come into our support team to see whether there are things we need to help customers with and to feed into the software development team. We also recognise that there are niggles that people might not feel are important enough to call our support line for, but they’re no less important to clear up. 

We want all of our customers to get the most out of Case Manager, so spending time with them demonstrating features, answering questions and sharing best practice is really valuable.

That’s why we’ve recently sent our support guru, Ash, out to customers’ offices to offer a free hints and tips workshop, designed to answer all the questions that customers have about Case Manager. So far, we’ve visited 15 customers across the UK – spending a couple of hours with their teams answering questions and helping them to make the most of the system.

The feedback has been amazing – 100% of the respondents would recommend it to others. Here’s a selection of what some customers have said about the sessions:

“Thank you for your time Ashley, the workshop was invaluable. We found the session informative and really helpful.” Acacia Family Support

“Excellent meeting with Ashley – he was great, easy to talk to and had all the answers. He fully understood the system so could easily deal with all of the questions. A big thank you.” The Sweet Project

“We had a very good and useful session. We came away feeling that we have all benefited from the session with all the tips and assistance that was given. Ash was fabulous. Highly recommend these sessions.” Riverside Housing

“I thought the workshop was great, much better than I expected. Ashley paced it at our level and really listened to what we were saying, which meant that everyone felt they could contribute. It was a really useful experience and I know that everyone who attended feel it has enhanced their use of Case Manager.” Carlisle City Council

“We can’t thank you enough for this session, it was exactly what we needed here at Step-Together, and to know that we are able to ask the questions and make changes to suit our needs is fantastic. Ashley did a great job at engaging our team…and we really appreciate the time he took to do this. Thank you again.” Step Together

So, if you’re a Case Manager customer who hasn’t booked your workshop yet, give us a call on 0121 212 2030 to book – you won’t regret it!