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Whatever you need to do, Case Manager will help you do it

We work with customers large and small across a wide range of sectors. Government, local Government, regulatory, housing, social care, education and third sector organisations all use Case Manager to manage their case loads. With our range of optional modules, Case Manager will work for you, whatever you need to do.

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Optional modules

Freely available additional modules to improve efficiency.

Custom dashboards:

Custom dashboards:All the key information you need at a glance. Configure dashboards to suit your requirements and share them within your teams.

Case involvement:

Case involvement:Record the involvement and contact details of everyone involved in a case. List assets, third parties and individuals involved.

Time recording:

Time recording:Easily record the time spent on individual cases.

Freely available modules to support specific activities


Assessment:Assess your clients' needs and risks, develop personalised plans to help them achieve their desired outcomes, share data with partners and report progress.

Money advice:

Money advice:Captures all the information you need to produce the Standard Financial Statement and assist clients in managing their income, expenditure and debts.

Welfare benefits:

Welfare benefits:Captures all the information you need to help clients to claim benefits.

Modules available at extra cost


Mobile:Use 3G/4G or wifi on a phone or tablet to record and view data, capture information, photos and signatures and sync it with your PC when you’re back in the office.


Messaging:Email or text customers manually or automatically. Keep records of all communications for reporting and audit purposes. Remind clients about appointments and communicate case updates.

Postcode look-up:

Postcode look-up:Improve the speed and accuracy of your data capture by automatically finding a client’s full address from their postcode.

Case Manager fully integrates with Office 365 and/or Google Maps for location based reporting

“With Case Manager, I can view all of our performance indicators on one dashboard and compile the reports I need quickly and easily. Our teams can provide a higher level of service, as they’re always fully prepared, with all the data they need at their fingertips.” Michelle Elliott, Team leader for Sheltered Housing, Stroud Council