Wilf Ward: Improving efficiency with cloud-based case management

The Wilf Ward Family Trust provides residential respite care, supported living and holiday accommodation for people with disabilities. Founded in 1986 with the aim of providing relief for carers, the Trust now employs more than 1,100 staff.
The Trust implemented Case Manager in March 2016.

The issues
The Wilf Ward family Trust had been using a paper-based system to record and store the details of their clients.  But as a rapidly-growing organisation, they began to realise that they needed a more secure, effective and efficient way of storing and sharing data.

The Solution – Case Manager
Case Manager fitted the bill perfectly, with the added benefit that the Trust could see that it would have further uses within the organisation in the future.Once the decision to implement Case Manager was made, the Trust found the team at IIZUKA reliable, helpful and responsive.

Project Officer Maggie Farmer said:
‘There is always a learning curve with any new IT system, but we found the team at IIZUKA very supportive and responsive. They really listened and made sure that the system met our requirements, so that we didn’t have to change our processes. The training provided was excellent too and we feel well-equipped to cascade it through the organisation, although we know that IIZUKA will be at the end of the phone if we encounter any problems. With up to 1,100 employees using the system, we needed to make sure it was intuitive and reliable – and Case Manager is proving to be both.’

The system has now gone live in the organisation and the team are beginning to consider the next phase – recording their clients’ support plans and the progress made towards achieving the targeted outcomes.

Maggie added:
‘It’s great that just one simple web-based system can have multiple benefits for our teams. Moving away from paper to a system which both holds data securely and records actions and activities will make our teams more effective and free up time to spend with our clients – which will benefit everyone involved with the Trust.’


"Working with the team at IIZUKA has been a pleasure. They listen to their customers, explain things clearly and quickly come up with solutions that fit our way of working." Maggie Farmer, Project Officer.

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