The Sheltered Housing Team at Stroud Council support individuals living in sheltered housing schemes across the area. Each caseworker covers four schemes, dealing with around 50 clients a week. Their roles include travelling across the region to meet with clients at different schemes.

Clients are supported with a range of social services to maintain their tenancy, including needs assessments, welfare, benefits and money advice and housing-related advice.

Stroud implemented Case Manager Mobile in March 2015.

The issues

The team at Stroud were engaged in a review of their processes and the services offered to clients. As part of this review, they wanted to reduce the amount of paper used by the team and find a way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their support workers; particularly reducing the time spent travelling to and from the office for administrative purposes and therefore increasing the time which can be spent with clients.

The Solution – Case Manager

IIZUKA helped the team to map their processes and work out what could be done using its new product, Case Manager Mobile.

Support workers now use a tablet to record data and manage support plans for clients. Information can be synchronised easily with the main system in the office via Wifi, reducing the time spent by the team on administrative issues.

One key benefit that has been realised is the ability to provide a seamless service to clients. With the ability to securely share data and manage workflow, support workers are able to ensure that they can cover holidays and any other absences with no loss of service to clients.

Michelle is also able to build up a good picture of the team’s performance using Case Manager’s dashboard and reporting capability. She says:
“With Case Manager, I can view all of our performance indicators on one dashboard and compile the reports I need quickly and easily. Our teams can provide a higher level of service, as they’re always fully prepared, with all the data they need at their fingertips. The training and support from IIZUKA has been fantastic throughout the process; for example, using a tablet was a new challenge for some of our team, but IIZUKA have always been patient and very responsive.”

“Case Manager is allowing our team of caseworkers to become truly mobile. With the ability to capture data remotely and upload it to the main system via Wifi, our teams have improved customer service and can work more flexibly and efficiently. The ability to share information quickly and easily is a great benefit – it allows our teams to be fully informed at all times, work from home and efficiently cover absences and holidays." Michelle Elliott, Sheltered Housing Team Leader, Stroud Council.