Foundations: Cost-savings and greater efficiency for Home Improvement Agencies

Foundations is the national body for home improvement agency and handyperson services. They provide support to more than 200 home improvement and handyperson service providers in England, covering over 80% of local authorities. One of their objectives is to develop the capacity of the home improvement agency sector, which is where their partnership with IIZUKA originated.

The issues

Foundations aims to help the sector develop its skills and work more efficiently.
They identified that Case Manager could help their members work more efficiently, but, due to the nature of their work and processes, wanted to develop the software further to ensure it completely met their requirements.
As many of these agencies are funded from central and local government funds, members also needed to be able to demonstrate their performance and results, so finding a system that could manage both work processes and reporting was key to its successful adoption.

The Solution – Case Manager

Working with Home Improvement Agencies (HIAs) and IIZUKA, Foundations developed a version of Case Manager and a number of optional modules, which provide their members with everything they need to manage and grow their services, become more efficient and provide the performance data required for funding.

Additional modules include a handyperson module, risk assessment functionality, address look-up, integration with Microsoft Outlook and telephony integration to automatically find and show a customer’s details when they call.

IIZUKA quickly became a trusted partner for Foundations, delivering the software on time and within budget, working in a collaborative style based on honesty and trust. Foundations have been extremely pleased with HIA Case Manager, as have their members, with over half the target market using the product just six months after it went live.

Paul believes that HIA Case Manager has revolutionised the way that some of Foundations’ members work and provided new opportunities. He is also impressed with the processes and accessibility of IIZUKA’s team:

“I was extremely impressed by the team at IIZUKA. They worked with us to really understand the sector and the niche markets within it and talked to our member organisations to ensure they provided a software system that does exactly what we needed it to. As a result, our partnership has delivered a solution which ensures our member organisations can deliver an excellent service fit for the 21st century.

Many of our members have told us that HIA Case Manager is making a huge difference to their business and that the more effort they put in to using the system, the more benefits they are realising.

Our partnership with IIZUKA has brought us both great benefits and we are using the feedback from our member organisations to continue to develop software to support our members.”

“We knew straight away that Case Manager could have huge benefits for our member organisations. Working with IIZUKA to develop a new version of Case Manager for the home improvements sector was great; they really took the time to understand our sector and its requirements and make technology easy for non-technical people. Our members tell us that HIA Case Manager is saving them time and money – and opening up new opportunities for their business.” Paul Smith, Director, Foundations.

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