CCA is an umbrella organisation for voluntary groups across the UK which work with offenders and ex-offenders to help them build a future away from crime. The CCA builds partnerships, promotes best-practice and provides training and support. In 2015, 21 projects worked with more than 2,200 people across the UK.


The issues

The CCA’s member organisations need to record high-quality data to measure and report on the impact their services have on individuals and the wider community. This is vital to secure continued funding for their services from bodies including Local Authorities, probation services, grant-making trusts and the offices of the Police and Crime Commissioners.

The member organisations used paper-based or bespoke systems to record data. Reporting was time-consuming and the availability and accuracy of data could not always be guaranteed.

With funding from the Cabinet Office’s Impact Readiness Fund, the CCA acted to provide a system for its member organisations to enable them to measure the outcomes they achieve for their clients and the impact of their work on individuals and the wider community.


The Solution – Case Manager

CCA chose Case Manager after being impressed by its flexibility, reporting functions and the option to use the system on mobile devices.As a first step, IIZUKA worked with the team at CCA to understand their needs and processes and ensure that Case Manager could deliver all the specific reporting functions required.

Once complete, the system was successfully piloted with four organisations and is now being rolled-out across the voluntary groups.

Matt Wall, National Secretary, said:

“We were impressed by the approach the team at IIZUKA took – they worked well with us to understand our requirements and our existing processes and then delivered a secure system that is easy to use and provides the quality data our member organisations need.

 The CCA are also impressed with the reporting function. Matt added:

“The ability to create reports on an individual level, clearly showing the outcomes achieved for our clients is incredibly useful for our caseworkers. At a management level, organisations can report on the overall impact they are having on the wider community. At CCA, we are also now able to report national statistics, something that was very time-consuming before. The ability to specify bespoke reports from a wide range of data and present it in various forms is invaluable.

Case Manager is a really powerful tool which is helping our member organisations across the UK. Now that we’re rolling out the system, we hope to identify learning opportunities and share best practice, which will help our organisations to become more effective.”


“Case Manager gives our members a flexible, high-quality system for measuring the impact of their services, which has not always been easy or cost-effective for small organisations. It allows us to easily demonstrate the impact we have to funding bodies and the wider public. Our members can also share and learn from best practice across the UK, increasing their effectiveness.” Matt Wall, National Secretary