Various teams at Aston University have been using Case Manager since 2006. Initially implemented by Jill in the Advice & Representation Centre in the Students’ Union to record interactions with students more efficiently, other teams quickly recognised how the system could help them become more effective too. Jill is now Director of the Hub, Aston University’s Student Support Services. Jill implemented Case Manager in the Hub Advice Zone and the Hub Counselling Service to provide a case recording system that was fit for purpose.

The issues

Many of the Aston teams used a paper-based filing system to record interactions with students. Jill recognised that moving to an electronic system would save time and effort – and ensure they provided a reliable, professional service.
Reporting on the teams’ activity and performance was also a complex and time-consuming affair.

The Solution – Case Manager

Recognising they needed to provide a more efficient, professional service, Jill chose to implement IIZUKA’s Case Manager.
With different teams now using the system, Case Manager’s ability to operate with effective firewalls was vital to ensure data security.
Jill and her staff teams found the system incredibly easy to use, ditching the paper-based system they’d retained as back up within just a few days of implementing Case Manager.
Just as important was the ability to attach documents to the system and share data across staff, which enables them to get a fuller picture of the issues and provide a more rounded service to students.

Jill commented:
“Case Manager solved a real problem for us and allowed us to move away from a cumbersome paper based system. Now the system is the very foundation of what we do.
Case Manager is a very intuitive system. Although some people were anxious at the thought of moving to an electronic system, they were quickly converted when they realised how simple it was to use.
The reporting function is really efficient – reports that would have taken a couple of days to compile manually can be prepared in less than an hour using Case Manager.”

The team have also been impressed with IIZUKA’s technical support. Jill added:
“It’s really rare to have a problem with the system, but when we have contacted technical support, we’ve been impressed with the friendly team and responsive service. We feel that IIZUKA really listen and are as concerned as we are about fixing any issues quickly.”

“IIZUKA’s Case Manager has helped us become more professional and efficient. It’s simple and intuitive to use and so easy to share data within my teams; they have everything they need at their fingertips.” Jill Wilson, Director of the Hub, Aston University.