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Doing more for less: a common theme

7 October 2015

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The team attended the recent Institute of Money Adviser’s conference in Oxford. We had a busy and productive couple of days, talking to people from all sorts of organisations about how Case Manager could help their case workers save time and improve the service they provide.

More than ever, the feedback we got was that teams all over the country are being asked to deliver more, with fewer resources. While this has always been a challenge, it seems that the current economic climate and recent Welfare Reforms mean that more and more clients are asking for help managing their money and finding their way through the maze of welfare and benefits. At the same time, budgets are restricted, so teams are trying to do much more, with much less.

Fortunately, we were able to point to the great results that our customers are getting from implementing Case Manager.

Martin Jungnitz, Director of Benefits Services for Liverpool Direct Ltd, who provide services to Liverpool City Council, told us:
“With the recent Welfare Reforms and the difficult economic climate, we’ve seen an increase of 30-35% in the number of clients using our services. Using Case Manager has meant that not only have we been able to manage this increase in workload, but we’ve actually improved our performance at the same time, both in terms of the time taken to manage a client’s case and the outcome achieved for the client.”
“We’ve seen a significant improvement in the results gained for clients. Before Case Manager, we generated £6.9M in benefits for our clients, now that figure has increased to £9.35M. While this improvement isn’t wholly due to Case Manager, of course, the improvements in the workflow processes, the ease of access to all the information our staff need to work with a client and the significant reduction in the time taken to manage the end to end process has provided a huge benefit to our business.”

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