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Raising money for local charities – our coast to coast cycle challenge

16 June 2017

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On 1 July, four of our team will be cycling 140 miles across England on the famous Coast to Coast cycle trail from Whitehaven on the West coast to Tynemouth on the East. Tradition dictates that we start with our rear wheels in the Irish Sea and finish with our front wheels in the North Sea.

The route takes in the hills of the Lake District and the Pennines and rises to over 2,000 feet, so it’s not for the faint-hearted, although the scenery is pretty spectacular.

Most people choose to complete the C2C ride over three or four days, but we’ve decided to do it in one…which will be a huge challenge.  (The record for the ride is 7 hours 53 minutes, but we’re not bionic!)

Our team comprises:

Greg Hayes – our MD and the driving force behind us agreeing to this challenge… Greg is training hard, with a unique method which focuses on cycling from pub to pub rather than coast to coast! He claims this is because it’s so important to keep hydrated over a long bike ride, but we’re not so sure.

Steve Randerson – Technical Director.   Steve is busily trying to find time to fit training in between visits to our customers, coordinating the IIZUKA development team and attempting to get two young children to their various swimming, dancing, gymnastics and trampolining activities; he’s currently attempting to master the art of working, sleeping and cycling simultaneously, but isn’t having much luck so far.

Mike Atkin – Infrastructure Manager.  Mikey’s meticulous planning and attention to detail must mean we’ve put him in charge of keeping us on the right route, yes?

Richard Sawyer – Not actually a member of the IIZUKA team, but a friend who is bonkers enough to join the challenge.

Wendie Hayes – Wendie has the unenviable task of being our support driver, getting us there and back, as well as carrying spares and food to keep us going.


In all seriousness, we’re training hard already, because this isn’t a challenge to be taken lightly.  So we’re out in all weathers, cycling around 200-300 miles a week, pushing ourselves up hills and trying to take in some off-road tracks too.  We’re also cycling in to work every day, which, given the traffic and roads around Birmingham, (Spaghetti Junction anyone?!) is quite a hair-raising challenge in itself!


So, why are we putting ourselves through this? Well, apart from the bragging rights that whoever crosses the line first will no doubt claim, we’re raising money for good causes. As a company, we’re passionate about doing the right thing – and raising money for good causes while getting fit and healthy is definitely the right thing.

We’ve chosen to support Autism West Midlands and Gunter Primary School and we’re hoping to raise £10,000.

And that’s where you come in. We’d really, really, really like it if you would support our fundraising. Any donation is welcome, from £1 to £1,000!

You can sponsor us online, via – and please don’t forget to select Gift Aid, which adds an extra 25% to your donation from the Government.

Thank you so much, your support will make a real difference.