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Case Study

Used by more than 15,000 case workers to generate two million cases per year. Case Manager is the leading Case Management software solution.

Case Manager has made a phenomenal difference to what we can achieve as an organisation. Within a few short months IIZUKA helped us to completely review our processes and configured a system which was simple and intuitive. The resulting software provides better data security, the ability to instantly share data among the team and quickly and easily assess and report outcomes for our clients, which is invaluable. Jane Greenacre, Carer Support and Training Manager, VOCAL.

VOCAL: Efficient services and outcome-based reporting through Case Manager

VOCAL provides support and advice and works with carers on a one-to-one basis to help identify the issues affecting them and achieve the best possible outcome for carers.

They deliver carer support through two centres in Edinburgh and Midlothian, and through staff based in the community.

They have around 90 staff and volunteers using Case Manager across four sites.

The issues

VOCAL wanted to improve their services to clients and ensure they recorded the outcomes achieved. To do this they needed to:

  • Move to a paperless office approach to data recording and file management
  • Standardise processes across all services
  • Ensure that caseworkers and volunteers could quickly and easily share and access the data they needed
  • Adopt a simpler system for reporting outcomes than the cumbersome database they had been using

The Solution – Case Manager

VOCAL chose IIZUKA to help them review their processes and configure Case Manager to ensure it reflects their requirements and workflow. A key benefit for the team was that Case Manager allows them to work the way they need to, rather than having to change their processes to fit with the system.

Case Manager was configured and implemented in just four months and the team found it very simple to use from day one. Case Manager manages their complete end-to-end process, including data recording, workflow management, generating letters and reporting the outcomes achieved. The system is integrated with their website, with a form which allows professionals (such as GPs or practice nurses) and carers to input their details and request advice and automatically generates an action in Case Manager.

Jane believes that Case Manager has not only improved their service to clients, but also brought the teams and volunteers together with a greater understanding of the work they all do. She added:

“Our teams believed that the two centres did things differently, but reviewing and aligning our processes has resulted in a much simpler and more straightforward process for all of us. Thanks to Case Manager and the fact that we can share data across teams, the services we provide to carers are much more personalised and less intrusive. Our caseworkers specialise in different aspects of support, so in the past we may have had many caseworkers requesting the same data from carers; now that we have one record per carer, all the information is there and can be updated instantly and accessed by everyone who needs it.

“Reporting is much simpler too and we can analyse data on an individual or outcome basis, which is really important for reporting back to the bodies that provide our funding.

“Another of the key benefits for us is that our volunteers, many of whom are retired and had never used computers before, can, with just a little training, use Case Manager to send out information and newsletters in half the time of the manual processes we used to use. The system is so simple and the personalised dashboard means that they only see the data they need, so data security is not an issue.”


Lothian, Scotland

Case Manager

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