Riverside is one of the largest providers of social and affordable housing; owning and managing over 53,000 homes.

Its Money Advice teams offer a free welfare benefits advice service to tenants, designed to help them make sure they are claiming the benefits they are entitled to and, as a result, increasing their ability to pay their rent.

Around 25 advisors and managers use the system from their offices and when out and about in clients’ homes.

Riverside adopted Case Manager in April 2011.

The issues

Riverside wanted to improve their services to clients and also monitor and measure the impact that their Money Advice teams were having on their clients’ access to benefits and ability to pay rent.

In order to achieve this, they realised that they needed to ensure they were providing a consistently high level of service and also be able to monitor that service effectively across different regional teams.

The Solution – Case Manager

After considering a number of systems, Riverside chose to work with IIZUKA and Case Manager. The team were clear that they wanted a system which would easily adapt to their business processes and IIZUKA worked with them to first advise how their processes could be incorporated into the system and then configure the system accordingly.

The team were moving to Case Manager from a spreadsheet based system and most found the new system simple and easy to use, giving positive feedback on the system right from its adoption. Staff who had used a case management system in previous roles commented that Case Manager compared favourably to other systems they had used in the past.

For managers, one of the biggest benefits was the ability to produce management reports which were consistent. These are used to set targets for and monitor performance, as well as providing useful management information about the impact the team is having on clients and the results it is achieving for the organisation.

Riverside’s Managers like the fact that they can quickly access up-to-date information on benefits and claims. For some advisors, the ability to work while out and about, for example in tenants’ homes, saves time and reduces duplication.

Sheila Porter, Riverside’s Regeneration Officer, said:
“Case Manager is helping us to provide high-quality services to approximately 2,200 clients a year. Not only are we helping our tenants to improve their quality of life, but we’ve also reduced our rent arrears by £543K over the last 3 years.
The reports we can produce straight from the system are fantastic; we’d never been able to produce such consistent management information before and certainly not so quickly and effortlessly. Case Manager has proved a big success with both our management and Money Advice teams.”

“We chose Case Manager because it was the only system we looked at that did exactly what we needed it to – and worked around our existing business processes. The ability to produce high-quality, consistent management information was also a huge plus and Case Manager is proving invaluable in helping us to monitor and improve our services to clients.” Sheila Porter, Regeneration Officer, Riverside.