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IIZUKA case manager

one system manages your entire client relationship

Case Manager is used by many organisations providing welfare rights and money advice.

It’s scalable, flexible, easy to implement, intuitive and simple to use. 


With the ability to manage appointments, store and share documents securely, capture and record information and assign tasks within your organisation and to third parties, Case Manager makes everything easy, saving our clients both time and money.


For our welfare rights customers, Case Manager mirrors the Department of Work and Pensions’ benefits claims processes, including Universal Credit, includes templates for communicating key stages of the process and allows for the easy production of benefits gained reports.



For money advice customers, Case Manager is compatible with the new Standard Financial Statement, supports the use of the Money Advice Trust’s trigger figures and automatically calculates pro-rata offers and token payments to creditors.

See what Case Manager can do for your welfare rights team:

““We’ve seen a significant improvement in the results gained for clients. Before Case Manager, we generated £6.9M in benefits for our clients, now that figure has increased to £9.35M. While this improvement isn’t wholly due to Case Manager, of course, the improvements in the workflow processes, the ease of access to all the information our staff need to work with a client and the significant reduction in the time taken to manage the end to end process has provided a huge benefit to our business.”” Martin Jungnitz, Assistant Director, Revenues and Benefits, Liverpool Council

See how Case Manager works for money advice services:

““Case Manager is helping us to provide high-quality services to approximately 2,200 clients a year. Not only are we helping our tenants to improve their quality of life, but we’ve also reduced our rent arrears by £543K over the last three years.
The reports we can produce straight from the system are fantastic; we’d never been able to produce such consistent management information before and certainly not so quickly and effortlessly. Case Manager has proved a big success with both our management and Money Advice teams.””
Sheila Porter, Regeneration Officer, Riverside Housing

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