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IIZUKA case manager

one system manages your entire client relationship

Case Manager is an online system which manages information, processes activities and generates management information quickly, simply and efficiently.

It’s scalable, flexible, easy to implement, intuitive and simple to use.


With optional modules providing even more flexibility and specialist features, Case Manager can be used by organisations large and small to power a wide variety of business processes.

“Case Manager has made a phenomenal difference to what we can achieve as an organisation... It provides better data security, the ability to instantly share data among the team and quickly and easily assess and report outcomes for our clients, which is invaluable.” Jane Greenacre, Carer Support and Training Manager, VOCAL

Key Benefits

Work securely:

Store and share data securely


Work securely

Case Manager stores your information securely in the cloud. Cloud experts Rackspace provide our hosting.

Case Manager is trusted by Government departments to protect critical information, so you can be reassured that it’s secure.  Our work with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office is just one example of working with critical data.

With personal, password protected log on, your employees will see all the data they need to see and none of the data they don’t.

IIZUKA is ISO27001 certified and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited.

No need for case workers to carry paperwork outside of work – all documents and notes can be stored in Case Manager.

Work smarter:

Manage workflow and automate communications


Work smarter

Case Manager can be configured to mirror your internal processes, so you can work the way you want to, not the way your software tells you to.

If you’d like help, our experts can share best practice from other sectors we’ve worked with and provide additional process mapping services.

To improve efficiency, workflow and processes can be automated, with information being shared and tasks being allocated to internal and third party resources.  Absence and leave can be easily managed by caseworkers and managers.

Communications can also be automated with letters, emails and SMS messages being triggered automatically at different stages of the case.

See how VOCAL worked with IIZUKA to map and automate processes.

Keep in touch:

Automate communications including letters, emails and SMS.


Keep in touch

Update clients, arrange meetings and appointments, send reminders and share contacts by email and letter with our automatic communications functions.

With our optional SMS module, you can also schedule and send SMS messages.

All communications are recorded and stored within Case Manager, so there’s less chance of anything going astray.

Read about how Case Manager helped the Aster Group by automating communications and data sharing.

Ditch the paper:

Keep all you need online


Ditch the paper

Everything can be stored securely within Case Manager, so there’s no need to carry round paperwork. You can create notes within Case Manager and attach existing documents and scanned images. It’s easy to share this information by email too. To enhance security, you can also control who has access to your information, so you’re only sharing the material you need to share.

Case Manager can share data within and between organisations – see how we helped Birmingham Carer’s Hub share data between 15 different organisations.

Manage performance:

Key performance indicators at a glance


Manage performance

Whether you’re a caseworker who wants to see how many cases you have outstanding and where each case is at in your process, or a team manager who needs to see the spread of workload over their team or reassign cases to cover absence, Case Manager has it covered.

With our fully-customisable dashboards, you can choose which data you see and how you see it and it’s visible as soon as you log on – the data you need, where you need it.

Read about how we helped Riverside Housing measure and manage performance.

Simple reporting:

Keep everyone in the know


Simple reporting

Performance reporting can be time-consuming and frustrating – finding the right data, getting it into the right format and spending hours creating spreadsheets – well, that’s how it was before Case Manager…

We will configure all the reports you need as part of our implementation process. So tell us who needs to see what data and when and we’ll sort it out for you. After that, reporting is as simple as pressing a few buttons – saving you lots of time and effort!

Read about how our reporting capabilities helped Bedford Pilgrims and the Community Chaplaincy Association.


With the ability to manage appointments, store and share documents securely, capture and record information and assign tasks within your organisation and to third parties, Case Manager makes everything easy, saving our clients both time and money.


What’s more, our software fits easily around your existing processes with no need to alter how you work to fit the software.


Case Manager works on desktop PCs, laptops and, with our new mobile app, on tablets – with the ability to share data between the three.

With fully customisable workflow, you can manage your workload the way that suits you, sharing data and tasks among your teams, with each case worker only seeing what they need to see.


Our fully-configurable dashboards also allow you to see the management data you want to see at a glance.


Case Manager also manages your client communications, automatically generating letters, appointments and with our optional module, SMS reminders and updates.


Simple and easy to use with minimal set-up and training and no installation, your clients could be benefitting from a quicker, better and more efficient service in no time.

What our customers say

IIZUKA case manager
With the recent Welfare Reforms and the difficult economic climate, we’ve seen an increase of 30-35% in the number of clients using our services. Using Case Manager has meant that not only have we been able to manage this increase in workload, but we’ve actually improved our performance at the same time, both in terms of the time taken to manage a client’s case and the outcome achieved for the client. Martin Jungnitz, Director of Benefits Service, Liverpool Direct Ltd.

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