FREE extra licences for all customers during Covid-19 crisis:

Cloud computing proves a winner when working from home

14 April 2020

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Many of our customers provide vital services to their clients – services that are even more important in the current Covid-19 pandemic. These include support on income, benefits and welfare, mental health and well-being, housing and assisted living.

While we’re in this situation, customers are telling us that they’re more reliant on Case Manager than ever and that it’s really helping them to provide a seamless service even when their teams are working from home and when demand for their services is higher than usual.

Extra support now available

We’re providing extra support through this crisis too. We’ve invited all our customers to extend their licences at no cost, to cover extra caseworkers they may have drafted in to cope with the increased workload. Customers taking up this offer so far include charities working to prevent domestic abuse and housing associations providing income and welfare support to their tenants.

How does Case Manager help those working from home?

We designed Case Manager to make it easy to:

  • Store and share data securely
  • Assign and reassign cases to cope with absences and holidays
  • Automate communications to keep everyone up to date with progress
  • See what stage each case is at, and what needs doing via customisable dashboards
  • Collate and report key information

All of these features are helping our customers to support their clients no matter where they’re working.

Because all the data is stored securely in the cloud, customers don’t need access to paper files and didn’t need to take sensitive data home from their workplace.

Caseworkers can work from their home PCs, tablets, or even smartphones, as their data is accessed via secure log-ins from any compatible device.

Case Manager is supporting vital work throughout the UK and across the world

We’re proud to be supporting the Foreign & Commonwealth Office to manage their consular caseload across the globe – including helping UK nationals get home to their families.

We’re proud to be supporting local authorities, housing associations and charities make sure their communities can access the benefits they need to help them through this period of uncertainty.

We’re proud to be helping Cleveland emergency services manage emergency calls to 999.

Our customers use Case Manager for all sorts of support – and we’re proud to say we’re helping them to make a difference.

Stay safe everyone, stay at home and save lives.

If you’d like an online demo of Case Manager, please give us a call on 0121 212 2030.