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Why cloud computing makes sense for charities and other not-for-profit organisations

3 December 2015

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Many charities are having to work out how to deliver more with less – fewer resources, less money and potentially more cuts on the way. So how can organisations collaborate with others in the most cost-effective way and share systems and data securely?

One way that charities achieve these key goals is to switch to using cloud-based technologies such as IIZUKA’s Case Manager. From a business perspective, one of the biggest plus points for any organisation moving to cloud computing is that they will no longer need to buy or maintain expensive and energy-draining servers.

Cloud computing enables a dispersed workforce to work effectively and allows easy collaboration with partners. Many charities have workers based around the country, including volunteers and project workers. These employees often need access to their documents and calendars and a system like Case Manager enables them to access their desktop from any location, radically improving how some charities work.


Our Mobile App also allows case workers to manage their workload while offline out in the field – recording data, signatures and photos from meetings with clients on their tablets, which can then be synchronised with desktop PCs the next time the tablet is online.

Jane Greenacre, Carer Support and Training Manager for VOCAL, said:

“Case Manager has made a phenomenal difference to what we can achieve as an organisation. Within a few short months IIZUKA helped us to completely review our processes and configured a system which was simple and intuitive. The resulting software provides better data security, the ability to instantly share data among the team and quickly and easily assess and report outcomes for our clients, which is invaluable.”

Other benefits of cloud-based technology include:
• Data is stored securely reducing risks of theft and other losses.
• Off-site data servers reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint.
• Remote access to your data 24-7 and real-time collaboration between teams.
• As well as driving cost-savings and increasing organisational effectiveness, the agility of the cloud allows charities to boost productivity and improve communications and, if necessary, scale up quickly to manage increased workloads.
• Central system maintenance, automatic and seamless updates and ongoing technical back-up.

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